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Letter to the Editor: Why Amy and Arati are my choices for Glen Rock council

About five years ago, when my daughter was in kindergarten, I was volunteering as an ice cream helper at Byrd lunch with a woman who was newish to town. I could NOT pronounce her name, and with the volume of the cafeteria, I could not hear her say it. But I started calling her A-rat-I because that is what her name sticker said even though I was pretty sure that wasn’t what she said her name was. Over the hour that we spent together – I was captivated. She had moved from Philadelphia where she was conducting neurological research on Autsim, a subject that interested me. She moved here because this was the type of community she had always dreamed to raise her family in. We talked for an hour straight – it wasn’t long enough! As working moms, while our kids were in class together for the next few years, we didn’t find time to get together again…
…Until the Women’s March on Washington. I spent the entire day with Arati and her childhood friend (and 3 busloads of Glen Rockers and beyond). Randomly, Arati sat in the seats behind me. We all shared stories about our lives and what the day meant to us individually. I listened to Arati’s thoughts on science (she knows a lot!), climate change and growing up as a person of color and an immigrant. I learned that her brother was a Naval Chief and she was the first generation to go to college (and then some!). I learned that she is adamantly committed to doing her part for the earth, that she is involved with Glen Rock Environmental Commission and that she was working on ways to help Glen Rock save money by being greener. I also learned of her lifelong efforts to give back to this amazing country we live in and to celebrate the rights it bestows on its citizens – this was what she was taught by her parents.
When Arati shared her desire to run for Borough Council as Amy Martin’s running mate, I was surprised. Arati isn’t a self-promoter; her deeds are quiet and effective. To campaign you need to be comfortable with tooting your own horn and self-promotion. However, Arati is convinced and committed to the idea of winning people over on ideas – not on name recognition, meeting people and sharing her thoughts in person, on the phone and at local events.
Amy and Arati are the perfect team. They both have young families so they have skin in the game when it comes to road/bike safety and underage drinking. They have both championed earth friendly projects that bring the community together, like the Glen Rock Farmers Market and the Community Clean-up. They have both worked with financing/budgeting extensively through their careers. Amy and Arati have my whole-hearted support due to who they are and what they’ve done. Vote for these two strong and effective women. Glen Rock Democrats – The Glen Rock A Team – Amy Martin and Dr. Arati Kreibich.
Leslie Kossar Schraer
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