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Letter to the Editor:In Support of Amy Martin and Dr. Arati Kreibich for Glen Rock Borough Council


Glen Rock has been my home for seventeen years. The excellent schools, quality facilities, lush beauty, and vibrant businesses—all make Glen Rock special. I care about the borough and I want the best for its future. That’s why on November 7th I will vote to elect Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich—Glen Rock’s A-Team—to the Council.

I’ve watched these two women in action and witnessed their intelligence, energy, and deep sense of civic duty. As a member and now president of the Borough Council, Amy championed the Farmer’s Market. This project has done more than just bring great food to our doorstep; it has become a venue for music, education, and community. As an active organizer, Arati has worked tirelessly on environmental issues and other concerns that affect all of us.

Their campaign proves their difference. Their platform came from the community, the result of hours spent listening to their neighbors. Among the issues that I care about and that they will focus on: relief from high taxes while assuring quality services; sound financial stewardship; environmentally conscious programs; and the less tangible but important goal of finding new ways to bring us together.

Amy and Arati are the right people to help move Glen Rock into a more secure, greener, brighter future. On November 7th, exercise your precious right to vote. And when you do, cast your ballot for Glen Rock’s A-Team— Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich.

Cynthia Summers

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