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Letter to the Editor: Join me in voting for the Glen Rock A Team for council.  


Dear Editor:

I’m excited to vote for Dr. Arati Kreibich for Glen Rock council because her approach to government is both data-driven and from the heart. That’s something rare in politics today and exactly what our borough needs. Arati has already proposed winning solutions to lower taxes, improve traffic problems, deal with our water issues, and make it easier to stay in our leafy borough after retirement.

Arati inspired me during Glen Rock’s International Women’s Day celebration and comforted my family with her words and leadership at the vigil for Charlottesville. Whether she is helping us through these difficult times or creating change with the borough’s Green Team, Arati’s message is the same. Everyone in Glen Rock matters. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard. Small towns can easily slide into governments ruled by access–who knows who, who has lived in town the longest, who has money. Arati has shown time and again that she will govern based on what’s best for the borough and all its residents. I look forward to her leadership in making our wonderful town the best it can be for all Glen Rockers.

We must all make our voices heard on November 7 to achieve meaningful change. I hope others in the borough will join me in voting for the Glen Rock A Team for council.

Alexis Larkin

Glen Rock, NJ

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