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Letter to the Editor: In Support of Amy Martin and Dr. Arati Kreibich for Glen Rock Borough Council


I’m writing in support of two dynamic, thoughtful, and dedicated candidates running for Glen Rock Council: Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich.   “The Glen Rock A Team,” offers valuable experience, inclusiveness, and a plan for action.  

What has impressed me most about these two candidates is their ability to listen to Glen Rock residents of all ages and political affiliations.  Amy Martin has served as Council President, and carries herself with poise, intelligence and patience.  She genuinely cares that every resident is heard and validated.  Arati Kreibich has amazed me with her commitment to listen to residents of all ages and her ability to engage in thoughtful, respectful Facebook interactions on sensitive subjects.  She truly welcomes dialogue from all stakeholders.

Amy and Arati have a longstanding commitment to our community.  Not only has Amy served on our Council, she was a driving force in adding the Farmer’s Market to our community, has championed work in our Arboretum, and is at the forefront of brainstorming solutions to our town’s growing teen alcohol problem.  Arati has shown her wisdom and endless energy for volunteering through her work organizing Glen Rock after the March and by orchestrating environmentally sound initiatives through the Green Team.

The A Team will be dedicated to making solid decisions in the best interest of Glen Rockers and will be active collaborators with their fellow council members.  Amy and Arati have my whole-hearted support because they are capable, creative thinkers, and I trust that they will represent Glen Rock with integrity.
Sandi Stern

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