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Letter to the Editor – Glen Rock Farmers Market


Letter to the Editor,

My name is Jan Kilroy and I’d like to correct some misinformation Glen Rock Councilwoman Amy Martin communicated during Candidates Night regarding Kilroy’s Wonder Market benefiting from the Farmer’s Market.

Amy Martin has never contacted me to discuss this topic.

I cannot see how Amy Martin can claim that businesses in Glen Rock benefited from the Farmers Market,  since virtually all Glen Rock businesses are closed on Sundays when the Farmers Market is open.

I am also concerned about the location of the Farmer’s Market. There are so many places it could be held to not conflict with my store; yet for whatever reason it was placed right next to our building.

Kilroy’s has been a staple of the Glen Rock community for over 100 years. We hope to continue to serve this town.

I hope the town will address issues with the Farmer’s Market for next year.



Jan Kilroy


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