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Glen Rock High School announces its Students of the Month for September, 2017


Art :
Oliver Bruce

Business education:
Michael Giardino

Francis Alter

Emily Podd

Grace Crawford

Instrumental music:
Julia Piermatteo

Claire Beezley

Eva Roman

Physical education:
William Vasoll

Matthew Sapoff

Mark Vadeika

Social studies:
Andrew Bober

Technology – Art:
Kavi Singh

Vocal music:
Carlos Mascari

World languages:
Greta Hilzen

Scholar athlete of the month:
Alex Walter

Citizens of the Month – Emma Mangino and Gabriela Feige

The Citizens of the Month for September are students with a strong interest in health occupations. Recently, they organized a very successful Blood Drive through New York Blood Services.  They met with a representative from the organization, recruited students at their class meetings and during lunch periods, advertised the drive, and organized students to assist them. Technology, such as Google Forms and Snapchat, were used to help in the recruitment and organization. They worked with community organizations to get additional, adult donors. The drive proved very successful with more than 50 donors and over 150 potential lives saved. With the recent natural disasters across the country, the need for blood is very high; New York Blood Services was very appreciative of their efforts. Glen Rock High School congratulates Emma Mangino and Gabriela Feige.

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