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Food Trucks in GR: Now. Right Now.


OK I probably shouldn’t be writing this while hungry – so you’ll have to pardon the stridency – but Glen Rock needs food trucks.

Outside of my grumbling stomach, there’s no 21st-century argument against them.  Their products aren’t unsafe, they don’t signal the death knell for brick-and-mortar food service, they generate much less congestion than a line of SUVs parked around a school with their engines idling, and they produce far less pollution than…. than that same line of SUVs parked around a school with their engines idling.

They also import diversity.  There will never be enough space in Glen Rock to have the kind of global cuisine scene we might like, and even if there were enough space the daily market for (insert “exotic” cuisine of choice here) probably doesn’t exist.  But most people will try anything once, especially if it comes to their street at lunchtime in a truck with a cool name and awesome graphics on the side.

So while we’re engaging in insane debates over (insert annoying local issue here), let’s clear up a little space for some new eats!

OK now I’m gettin’ me a snack….



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