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Update on the GRHS evacuation on 10/13


Dear Glen Rock Public School families,
Following is the text of a letter that I sent out earlier this afternoon to the parents of our middle and high school students. It concerns an incident that occurred yesterday, Oct. 13, which impacted the school day for those students. I feel the particulars should be shared with all of you, the greater GRPS community.
Bruce Watson
Interim Superintendent of Schools

Dear Glen Rock Middle School and High School Parents,

I’m reaching out to you with regard to the situation on the GRMS/HS campus yesterday, Oct. 13.
Late yesterday morning, the high school administration became aware of a potential threat against the school building, stemming from a dispute between a Glen Rock student and an individual from another community.

Glen Rock Police were contacted and upon their arrival, the district was directed to issue an immediate on-site evacuation of the campus. Staff and students followed our normal protocol and evacuated to their assigned places on the perimeter of the campus.

As the police began their investigation, they determined that the threat of a bomb was unsubstantiated and therefore directed that the staff and students return to the building. Simultaneously, an interview with the Glen Rock student was arranged in the high school principal’s office. Again under the direction of the police, the campus was placed in a Hold-in-Place while the interview was being conducted.

Because of the prolonged interview, it was decided that the students would remain in their classrooms until dismissal. It was also felt that in deference to the comfort level of the students, middle school students would be released at the high school dismissal time of 2:54 p.m., rather than hold them until 3:07 p.m. In addition, all afterschool clubs and on-site athletics were cancelled.

I am pleased to report that as of this morning, all school activities on campus have resumed. The police are continuing their investigation of the situation. I will share any further developments should that be necessary.
Bruce Watson
Interim Superintendent of Schools

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