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In support of Eileen Hillock and Michelle Torpey


I have read the letters to the editor supporting Eileen Hillock and Michelle Torpey.  I agree with them whole-heartedly.  Instead of just repeating their outstanding qualifications and numerous volunteer efforts for Glen Rock and its residents, as a former councilwoman, let me focus on just a few I believe to be invaluable in Council members.

They are the female “dynamic duo” in Glen Rock.  Both Eileen and Michelle are tireless when working toward a goal for the good of the town.  When met with resistance, they work even harder to convince the naysayers it can be done and most importantly,  get it done.  They support the many and varied national issues our country faces, while they focus on Glen Rock, where their influence and knowledge can make things happen.

Their ability to work with others to form consensus is evident.  They listen, support their position with facts, and know how to compromise (a characteristic that seems to be sorely lacking in higher levels of government).

Every vote counts.  It’s true — not just a slogan.  Please join me in voting for Eileen and Michelle for Glen Rock Borough Council on November 7th.

Theresa Moore
Glen Rock, NJ

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