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A seat at the table, what a concept!


Never in my 42 years of living in Glen Rock have I felt that I had a seat at the table of the good old boy regimes.

As a lesbian, there was never a seat for me, not even in the closet (where I never was).

As a woman, there very rarely was a prominent seat for me.

Long ago, as a working and commuting mother of 3, who would listen to me?

As an activist for peace and justice, transparency and political correctness, not only wasn’t there a seat, there was a slammed door.

And now, as a senior, only when Amy and Arati, graciously, through their campaign, invited me to the table of their inclusive, intelligent, and compassionate vision, is there finally a seat for me in all my identities.

Amy and Arati are attentive listeners, cool and calm. They are extremely articulate and poised. They are exceptionally well informed about the legalities and history of the issues of Glen Rock.  Problem solving and team building, skills necessary to affect meaningful non-partisan decisions, are their forte.

So, it is with much joy and excitement that I fully support Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich in their run for Glen Rock Council.

Go A-Team.

Elena Davis

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