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In Support of Amy Martin and Arti Kreibich


My name is Karen Mascari. I lived in Glen Rock for the past 14 years. I am writing a letter of support for Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich for very personal reasons. About a few years ago, our neighborhood had tremendous problems with renters on our block. Without going into specifics, it was a dangerous situation for us and our children. Many of my neighbors went to the city council meetings and begged for help to improve our quality of life. They were met with ideas and suggestions but no one really stepped up to improve the conditions we were living under. After one incident, I decided something needed to be done! I wrote an email to every council member, begging and pleading to help our neighborhood. I explained that I felt unsafe for myself and my children. Not one council member even took the time to respond, except Amy Martin. Amy immediately responded. We set up a neighborhood meeting with council members who were running for election at the time. All of my neighbors, who were begging for help, finally got their concerns heard.  We felt positive and we knew that it would take time to improve our living situation but at least we felt like someone on the council even cared. Amy went above and beyond to help us.  She kept us abreast of every development! I am happy to report that our situation is cleared! Our neighborhood is safe! This would have never happened without the hard work, diligence, and compassion of Amy Martin.

In this world of social media, I actually met Arati Kreibich through Glen Rock Facebook pages. I was immediately drawn to her intelligence and concern for our community. We quickly became friends. She represents everything we want in a council member: intelligent, compassionate, proactive, good-hearted, and public-spirited.  Once, I knew that Amy and Arati were running together for City Council, I knew that this was a ticket I was proud to support.

Having a son who just graduated Glen Rock High School, I am soo thrilled that Amy and Arati have underage drinking on the forefront of their agenda. It is a huge problem in the community and I always felt it was something that people didn’t discuss. I have said numerous times, it is getting worse and something needs to be done.  Since, Arati and Amy have brought this topic to the spotlight, I finally seeing parents acknowledging what is going on and working together to make improvements. The only way to bring change is to bring light to the issues at hand. Having two more children attending and ready to attend Glen Rock High School, I am pleased to know that their future is in the hands of these two capable women.

Finally as a Democrat, I stand strong on democrat values and beliefs. In this world we are living in today, our democrat community needs to be stronger more than ever. We need to support local government to insure that the democrat values are represented. I believe that with Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich as City Council members, we will have a safer community for ourselves and our children and all members of our community will be united. The Glen Rock A Team is my choice!

Karen Mascari
Glen Rock, NJ


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