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Support for Eileen Hillock, and Michelle Torpey.


In the world that seems to be turning upside down, I want calm and thoughtful people to serve on our Glen Rock Council.

As a registered Independent who served on the council for nine years, and ran as both a Democrat and Republican, party should not matter in a town council election.  It is the person and their values that should matter.  For this reason I urge you to vote for Eilieen Hillock and Michelle Torpey.  Transparency, honesty,  trust and , most important, ethics are values that they both bring with them. If we cannot trust candidates to have a sense of good moral standards than they should not be those who get our votes. We put our faith in the people we elect and we should feel that their standards of ethical behavior be strong. Ethics matter!

Please go to their website to see what they have done for our town thus far and will continue to do for us, the citizens of Glen Rock. The website is:

I will end with a quote that I think sums up them as the candidates that will get my vote, and I hope yours. “Character is doing what’s right when nobody’s looking.”

Joan Orseck

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