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Support Dr. Arati Kreibich for Glen Rock Council


One should vote for the best candidates -not a political party. Each candidate measured on their own merits – hence my separate endorsements.

When asked my affiliation while campaigning, I answered “GlenRockian” as I believe national party politics has little to do with challenges facing Glen Rock (GR).

Unfortunately for voters, campaigns often digress into innuendo, pandering, gross misrepresentations, photo-ops, credit taking, microphone grabbing etc.

I firmly believe GR needs and deserves a councilperson who focuses exclusively on key issues by performing in-depth research, developing creative solutions, and then working as a team to implement for the benefit of all residents – not just a special group, neighborhood, or personal pet project.

Dr. Arati Kreibich’s training and experience clearly demonstrates those skills; performing exhaustive research, using scientifically accepted problem solving techniques, and finally exercising ethical value judgment in making decisions that are best for all.

As a Council member, I believe these character traits are critical to the success of your Council- versus making decisions by “skimming the surface”.  The latter rarely provides solid long-term solutions, either for the challenges already experienced by GR or the future.

Challenges such as continuing to rebuild our police, continued smooth transition of Glen Courts, pro-actively addressing affordable housing suits, addressing “active” senior housing – solutions do not happen serendipitously. They take extensive research, hard work, creativity, and persistence carrying solutions to fruition. Skills that Dr. Arati Kreibich practices and WILL utilize in serving you, the residents. Please do your research before voting.


Skip Huisking

Councilman and Resident

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