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GRHS Evacuated Due to Threat of Violence


Early Friday afternoon, students from the Glen Rock Middle and High School were evacuated after a “violence threat” was made towards a student.

After clearing the schools, the Glen Rock Police Department – along with the Bergen County Sheriffs and Ridgewood and Fair Lawn Police – checked the school for any life-threatening issues.  A sweep of the building’s exterior by a K9 team turned up nothing.  The students were then allowed back into the building and a “Shelter in Place” was initiated; different grades were in different areas of the school, including the two gyms.  The “Shelter in Place” continued until school dismissal at 2:54 pm.  All after-school activities and sports events on home fields were cancelled.

Glen Rock Councilwoman Kristine Morieko said, “I was pleased to see so many volunteer responders on standby at the Firehouse and Ambulance Corps.  Truly embodies the spirit of our community.”

** Update: Det. James Calaski is currently investigating a series of social media chats which have occurred over the past week, culminating in a perceived threat which ended with a large scale law enforcement response.  The Bergen County Prosecutor’s office will be providing resources during this ongoing investigation.  Currently there is no evidence to support any credible threat against the school, students or staff.


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