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In Support of Amy Martin and Dr. Arati Kreibich for Glen Rock Borough Council


I am writing in enthusiastic support of two women who have shown the desire and leadership skills needed to be a part of the Glen Rock council.  As parents of young families, they have echoed the concerns of all young Glen Rock families regarding our childrens’ safety. They have identified the need of a voice for our aging citizens and promise “a place at the table”. They align with my interest in a greener Glen Rock and responsible stewardship of our earth.  I have been recycling for many years and I believe if we all did our part by composting and recycling (produce less waste / trash to save the town money), our taxes can be decreased. By composting, we can take our unused food and put it back into the earth and not accumulate more into our landfills which produces methane gas.

Amy Martin championed the very successful farmer’s market in the fall of 2016 which has brought many people to our town and promotes earth-friendly projects. She is the liaison to the Department of Public Works and  Ridgewood Water..

Arati is a member of the Glen Rock Environmental Commission and is working very hard to help save Glen Rock money by being greener. She is also a member of the Glen Rock  Women in Community Service and the League of Women Voters. Arati is a go-getter, has a lot of energy, enthusiasm and is very involved in the community.  I encourage you to join me in voting on November 7th for the Glen Rock A team – Amy Martin and Arati Kreibich.

Kathleen Granata

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