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Letter to the Editor — Thank You Nonno’s

Dear Editor:
Late last night (9/27), I pulled up to Nonno’s Cucina of Glen Rock to pick up a pizza after Back to School night. The owners at Nonno’s were just closing up shop and walking to their car. I asked why they were leaving – we had just ordered a pizza! Turns out my friend had mistakenly ordered pizza from the wrong spot – a place on Route 17.
Nonno’s owner told me there was no way he was going to let me drive out to the highway this late to get dinner. He had a pizza box in his hands, ostensibly bringing dinner home to his own family, which he placed on the front seat of my car and would not take a penny. I wanted to thank Nonno’s not only for the beautiful dinner in a pinch, but also for the spirit in which it was given. This gesture reminded me of how great Glen Rock is and how much we need to recognize and more importantly patronize, our stores and small businesses. Shop local!
Thanks again, Nonno’s Cucina!
Nina Dietrich


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