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An Open Letter to: Alejandro Villanueva.

An Open Letter to: Alejandro Villanueva.

“Sir, I am proud of you and thank you for your service. It is not your football, it is your devotion to our country. The USA stands for Liberty, The USA stands for Freedom, The USA stands for Justice. The USA stands for Equality. The USA stands for a chance for every American and American “wannabe” to strive for what their talents and intelligence will bring them. I stand for what America stands for. I respect all those who also respect our flag and country. There are bad players in all walks of life, those we get rid of, but that’s not representative of what our nation as a whole stands for. I have no respect for those who do not stand for what the USA and our Flag stand for.”
Gary Stevens


**This letter does not reflect the views of Glen Rock News Today. It is considered a letter to the “editor”

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