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Thanks for the Rock, Glen Rock


It was great to be a part of the Glen Rock Fall Festival this year. As a local band we try and play Glen Rock as much as possible. It’s our home base.

Playing Sunday was great for the band but was an honor for me. I only live twenty minutes away and each time my band plays in Glen Rock, the support is tremendous. Sunday was no different. I saw friends of old and friends of Facebook, braving the heat and singing along with our set. Some people waved to us on stage and some came up to give us some personal words of thanks. We even saw a few dancing. When you’re on stage, it’s these things that make a performance memorable.

So thank you to the GR Chamber of Commerce for welcoming my band into the fold for Sunday. We look forward to our next Glen Rock Inn date which is December 2nd and we hope to be a part of the Glen Rock scene for years to come.

Thanks again.

Dan Salamon, None The Less

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