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Calling all Kid Chefs!

Written by: Olivia Pugliese. She is a 7th grade GR Middle School student this year. She is hosting a youth baking contest at the Glen Rock Fall Festival. The money raised will go to Family Promise of Bergen County. 
I have had a strong passion for anything cooking/baking related for as long as I can remember. For years, I have been whipping up tasty treats and good eats for my family and friends. It’s what I prefer to do with my free time over anything else. In fact, I am pretty sure that I might accumulated just enough baking supplies over my short 12 years of life to open up a modest bakery!


We all know that so many of us kids are totally hooked on those food channel shows spotlighting youth baking competitions. I know lots kids of all ages who would love an opportunity to compete in a friendly bake off. Myself included! For years, I have been itching to enter a baking competition but haven’t been successful in finding one just for kids. So, I decided to go ahead and start one myself!


This is what has lead me to the idea of combining my passion for baking with a purpose: creating an outlet for kids like me who love all things baking and giving back to our local community.


My idea is to have a booth at the fall festival, where I can collect the entries. The entries will go through a series of judging and there will be first, second and third place winners. I am going to try and have gift cards donated by local business for second and third prize winners.


The first prize winner will be really special. I am meeting with a local Glen Rock bakery next week to find out if they would be willing to feature the first prize cookie recipe at their bakery for a set period of time. I plan to invite the owner of the bakery, the mayor, and perhaps one or two others from a local business or organization to be part of the judging.


The goal is to split the profits from the cookie sale with the bakery. The proceeds will be used to purchase wish list items which are published on my chosen charity’s website, “Family Promise of Bergen County”.
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