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Happy Birthday Glen Rock! 

 The Borough of Glen Rock turned 123 beautiful years old on September 14, 2017.


Residents and council candidates Eileen Maher Hillock and Michelle Torpey celebrated this milestone during the recent Family Fun Day they hosted which included an oversized birthday card for the Borough (repurposed from a large graduation sign) which attendees and all residents of Glen Rock were encouraged to sign!

Glen Rock was formed on September 14, 1894 from portions of Ridgewood Township and Saddle River Township.  The main impetus for the break from Ridgewood Township was the decision to have Glen Rock students have to attend schools closer to the middle of Ridgewood, rather than their one-room schoolhouse located at the corner of Ackerman Avenue and Rock Road. Portions of the schoolhouse were incorporated into a current Borough home which still stands and is commemorated by a plaque on the property.

Glen Rock was settled around a large boulder, a glacial erratic, which weighs 520 tons.  It is believed to have been carried to it’s present site from Peekskill about 15,000 years ago. The Lenape Native Americans named it “Pamachapuka” which means “stone from heaven” or “stone from the sky” and used it for fire signals and as a trail marker.


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