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Do Whatever You Have to Do See Guns N’ Roses at MSG (or Newark)


Good tickets are scarce or seriously expensive or both.  They’ll play some songs you’d rather they didn’t play.  And they came through here already – last year.

But I’m tellin’ ya – Lie, cheat… do everything short of stealing to see Guns ‘N Roses in New York or Newark next month.  Because it’s not 1991 anymore, and….. ok, I just realized I’ve just given you nearly half a dozen reasons why you shouldn’t take my advice on this.

Here’s why you should, though:

  • Axl’s on time.  And on key.
  • They play all of their hits.
  • The covers are blistering.
  • The show’s 3 hours long, with no breaks.
  • All of the garage-y attitude from ’87.
  • None of the petulant attitude from ’91.
  • SLASH.

So there’s more than half a dozen reasons why you do need to make it happen.  And I could go on, but instead I’ll focus on that last reason.

Slash isn’t just there to make it authentic and do those classic intros, he’s out to prove he’s the best rock guitarist on the planet.  And the reason the show easily hits the 3-hour mark is of all of his cadenzas and solos.  When he’s playing them, no one gets a beer, no one drinks the beer they’ve already got, and the phones go down.  He’s absolutely astonishing.  He’ll make you want to pick up a guitar one moment, and break it in frustration the next – just like those old posters of him promised.

Now – as for the pain-in-the-butt factor of seeing big concerts in big sports venues these days as opposed to those days – know this: I saw this show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in August, in an outdoor stadium that hadn’t hosted a major concert in the better part of a generation, and around which there were no cabs, no real Uber presence, no one directing traffic, no good bars nor restaurants open afterwards in which to “wait it out”, and no sidewalks on which to walk the more than FOUR MILES back to my hotel.  

But I’d walk those miles – and put up with all of that other stuff – all over again, tomorrow.

So you can certainly “brave” NYC or Newark in October to see the Gunners tear it up.

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