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BTN is run by a one woman show. We do have resident contributors. But, on the whole it is only me.  Not all events can be covered equally.

We accept press releases about upcoming events that would benefit the community.  This however does not guarantee that it will be published. We will do our best to do such.

If a press release feels more like an ad to us, we will reach out to tell you and let you know the cost of running a sponsored post.

advertising costs can be found here

The cost for community orientated (event is free of charge for the public) press releases is FREE

If there is a charge for the public to attend the press release event then the cost is for a sponsored post.

We will publish an event press release no later then 24 hours pre event and share it on social media.

to submit a press release please email: [email protected] 

To speak to us directly please call: 201-675-3096.

We do ask, if there is a problem reach out to us directly not post issues on social media.

News Submissions

We welcome articles from the residents of Glen Rock. These can include event articles, letters to the editors, and any other interesting article about a variety of topics: Sports, Health / Wellness, Kids etc…

These can be submitted in a word or pages document. Please also include a picture or 2 for the article. IF there is a specific date you want it published, please make sure to include that at the top of your article or in the email.

If you are interested in being a regular reporter / contributor, we would love to have you! Please reach out with your ideas and what you would like to do.

Please submit your ideas and articles to: [email protected] 

Letter to the Editor Submissions:

Letters to the Editors are welcomed with open arms. We will not edit them. We may fact check to ensure that what is being said is true.   If we find false information in the letter, we will reach out to the author.

You need to have your name on the letter. We will not publish anonymous letters.


** all of these policies are subject to change when we add print.

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