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Interested in Boy Scouts? Come to a Scavenger Hunt!

Boys, siblings and friends enjoyed the annual Glen Rock Cub Scout Bicycle Rodeo, hosted by Central School’s Pack 1 in June.
Glen Rock Cub Scouts are strong!  The program is open to boys in grades 1 through 5.
Events include the Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, Rocket Launch, Community Service, hiking and camping opportunities, and much more!
Byrd, Central and Coleman Schools will host a recruitment date on Friday, September 8, 3:30-4pm at their school playgrounds.  In addition, there will be a Scavenger Hunt at the Arboretum on Saturday, September 9, at 10am.
Please contact your school for more information: Byrd at [email protected], Central at [email protected], and Coleman at [email protected].
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