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Glen Rock youth step up to help Hurricane Harvey victims


Glen Rock residents are known for their sense of community and volunteerism.  Rockers pride themselves with their desire to help others in need. We see these qualities being passed along to the new generation of Rockers through a few GR middle school 8th graders.

These GRMS 8th graders are twins Farrell and Connor Kehm.  They were inspired when they saw a few news stories about the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. While watching these reports, they noticed that there were not a lot of ways to donate safely.

“We felt like something needed to be done, and wanted to do something”, said Farrell.

It was hard to believe that no one down in Texas wanted clothes donated, and that’s what they wanted to donate. They researched the problem and found a national company called Green Drop that can help them get funds to the devastated area around Houston. This company takes donations of shoes and clothes to raise funds through the generation and collection of donated clothing and household items. They then distribute them among different thrift shops. The proceeds from the sales of the clothes goes to a charity of their choice.  Farrell and Conner chose the American Red Cross.

“Its not the difficult to get out and help these people,“ Farrell and Connor stated.

Kilroys Wonder Market owner Jan Kilroy stated “I am happy to help raise money through reputable organizations through the efforts of these Glen Rock youth.”

Farrell and Connor’s Dad, Dan Kehm stated, “I am very proud of my 2 sons. Their sense of volunteerism and wanting to do more for those in need. Of their entrepreneurialism spirit.”  With only 2 days of collecting, they have filled their garage with generous bags of clothes and shoes.

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