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BTN is helping Texas babies


Texas has been hit hard Hurricane Harvey. Harvey made landfall again early Wednesday, roaring ashore in western Louisiana near the border with Texas as residents in the region brace for as much as 6 to 10 inches of additional rain.

“Ongoing catastrophic and life-threatening flooding will continue in southeastern Texas,” the National Hurricane Center warned.

Texans are in need of help. Per a contact in the medical services in Houston, “Honestly, most donations (except the diapers and wipes) are being turned away at a lot of places in Houston because there has been so much. I went to pick up stuff before going to the shelter last night but got word they were not needed. Not quite sure if this will change,.”  She will keep BTN informed if this changes.

IN addition to monetary donations, one of the only things that is being accepted and needed immediately, are diapers, wipes and other baby / toddler essentials.  Because of this need BTN is setting up a donation site to send wipes and other baby essentials to the Texas Diaper Bank  There are however several ways to donate.

  1. you can go on Amazon and order off of their wish list
  2. Monetary donations could be made here
  3. BTN will collect donations and then ship them to their headquarters in Texas.

BTN will be at Kilroys Wonder Market on  Friday and Saturday afternoons to collect diaper, wipes and momentary donations to send to the Texas Diaper Bank. .

There are several other ways to donate.

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