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Weekly Police Blotter

August 21st 2017 to August 26th 2017




1:02 AM – Patrols were dispatched to a roll over motor vehicle accident on Highwood Avenue near Maple Avenue.  The driver, a 48-year-old Ridgewood man, claimed that he struck something in the roadway causing him to veer his SUV to the right.  His vehicle struck a parked vehicle and rolled over.  There were no injuries.


8:57 PM – Patrols were dispatched to investigate a resident’s report of suspicious activity under the Route 208 overpass between Boulevard and the rail road tracks.  Three juveniles were detained and subsequently turned over to a parent or guardian. A parking summons was issued to a vehicle operated by one of the juveniles.


Det. Jim Calaski concluded the investigation into an August 19th, 2017 suspicious phone call which resulted in a cautionary mobilization of law enforcement and emergency management personnel to check all public facilities and schools in Glen Rock for a potential hazard.  It was determined that the call had been placed by a former Glen Rock resident who is currently confined to a psychiatric facility in Vermont.  The matter is being handled through the facility he is confined to.  As there is no evidence to support a credible threat the matter has been closed.  For more information please read : Possible School threat this morning


Between 8 AM and 12 Noon –  The Glen Rock Police Department, in conjunction with the NJ State Motor Vehicle Commission, held a vehicle inspection check point along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza.  The operation, held several times a year, is designed to remove dangerous vehicles from the road and promote safe driving practices.  The checkpoint also has the added benefit of allowing motorists, whose vehicles are due for inspection, to have their vehicles inspected free of charge with only a short wait.  A total of 15 summonses were issued to vehicles found with safety violations.  These types of local checkpoints were instituted when the NJ Motor Vehicle commission eliminated the safety testing portion of motor vehicle inspections as a cost savings measure in 2010, now testing only for emissions. Despite this elimination of mechanical inspections, local law enforcement is still responsible to cite motorists for equipment out of compliance or failure to make repairs.


8:31 PM –  Three individuals who rent parking spaces in the commercial parking lot at a Prospect Street strip mall reported that their vehicles were damaged, possibly by shopping carts.  The damages were documented and the complainants were advised that they would need to follow up with the property owner.


2:46 PM – Patrols were dispatched in response to a resident’s report of alleged drug activity in the area of the basketball courts at Wilde Memorial Park.  Officers field contacted several individuals, however, there was no probable cause to support the allegation made.


8:24 PM – Patrols responded to a series of disturbances in the area of the Indian Rock townhouses, Harristown Road and Rodney Street.  The activity was determined to have originated at an unsupervised house party which occurred at one of the townhouses and spread through the area as numerous juveniles fled in multiple directions.  Glen Rock officers, assisted by officers from both Ridgewood and Fair Lawn, spent the better part of the next two hours restoring order in the area.  A follow-up by the detective bureau and juvenile officer is in progress.

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