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Letter to the Editor – A Game of Telephone Gone Too Far


In response to Mayor Packer’s recent FB post regarding the friendly knock on his door by two (us ~ Michelle Torpey and Eileen Maher Hillock) of the four Glen Rock residents that chose to become candidates and run for office — there is a quite a bit of misinformation we’d like to correct.

We both walked throughout the neighborhood on Sunday and were welcomed by all residents and listened to their concerns about town and what they loved about Glen Rock.  They also got to hear and respond to some of the main efforts we are supporting.

Ironically it was only Mayor Packer’s door where we were greeted with two fingers pointed our way as the door opened and the words “You can save it” from our Mayor as he, with a smile on his face, wished us good luck and closed the door.

We recall that was omitted from his post. Nothing more to say other than we were disappointed we cannot have a civil discourse. We all want a better Glen Rock. There is no need to slander any of the candidates with unsubstantiated comments or hearsay.  Let’s try to bring the focus back on the town.

Mayor Packer / Bruce Packer’s post on Monday, August 14th.









from: Borough Council Candidates Michelle Torpey and Eileen Maher Hillock

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