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The Glen Rock and Onomachi Japan exchange turn 26!


This year the Glen Rock and Sister city Onomachi Japan exchange turns 26. This year the Japanese  middle school students  will be here from August 1 – August 7th.

These middle school students come over for a whirlwind tour of Glen Rock and the NYC area.  This year they are adding a community day that will allow them to give back to Glen Rock for all the years of hosting them.  Last year  BTN hosted 2 Girls and loved the experience. You can read about it in the article 25 Years of Friendship 

Kristen and Stephen O’Brien reached out to all the host families and announced that they are looking for 3 more host families this year.

We are looking for host families to participate in the 26th annual

Glen Rock / Onomachi Summer Camp Program.

Tuesday, August 1st – Monday, August 7th

Daily activities are scheduled for our visitors.

Host families are welcome to join us on our many outings. Highlights include a day sightseeing in the NYC, Glen Rock

and a cookout.

Please contact: Kristen and Stephen O’Brien at 917 921 8245 or

via email at [email protected] to learn more about the program.


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