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Saying Goodbye- Byrd Class of 2010 Returns to Say Goodbye to Teachers and Principal


Guest Reporter: Deirdre Meaney

For many, graduating means moving on to bigger and better things. Often, that means college, jobs, and big future plans. One of the most important things to do before graduating is to say goodbye. Most return to past high school teachers and maybe even middle school, but on June 7th, the Byrd Class of 2010 had a better idea- return to Byrd School and visit former teachers, the Principal, Dr. Weber, and the classrooms they once had seats in. Paige Lemieux said, “It’s surreal that even after all of these years, everything in the school is still the same. It’s comforting to know that in the years to come when we are out on our own, the building and the people we grew up will still be here.”

The group started in the front of Byrd, talking to their past teachers and reminiscing about classmates who had left and talking with their teachers about their future plans. Books containing each student’s picture were brought out and they spent time laughing and taking pictures together. When they were all caught up, they walked through the school with Mrs. Costello, their Kindergarten teacher, seeing each of the classrooms and how much they’ve changed since they had graduated seven years before. Michelle Hillock described, “We ended up winding through the school in the order of each grade, K to 5, and walking in all of our old rooms and cracking jokes and reminiscing.” They found while talking that it was easy to catch up and joke like they all used to. “It was really nice to fall back into the easy friendships with kids who I haven’t really talked to since Elementary School…” Michelle Hillock explained.

Camille Kaselow describes the feeling of nostalgia while visiting the school. “It was kind of emotional going back to the building in which I spent so much of my childhood, two weeks before graduating High School.” She, like the others who visited the school described their own fondness for specific classrooms. She explained, “It was especially bittersweet revisiting my third grade classroom because third grade was my favorite year of elementary school.”

The Glen Rock High School Class of 2017 graduates on June 22nd.

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