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Zoning Board approves Prospect Street Housing Development

Board votes 6-1 to grant variance for 52-unit, 55-and-over complex


After a last-minute revamp that changed a proposed 57-unit rental development into a 52-unit, 55-and-over housing complex, the Glen Rock Zoning Board voted 6-1 Thursday to approve developer Ric Harrison’s application for a land use variance that will allow him to build on a 2-acre plot on Prospect Street.

Harrison, a builder from Franklin Lakes, has owned the property since 2013 and has been trying for years to build a multi-family complex that has been delayed several times before. The original proposal had called for a 65-and-over complex, then a 55-and-over complex that failed to get approval from the Mayor and Council last year.

Harrison then re-presented his proposal, called Glen Park Village, to the Zoning Board this year, seeking a variance to allow him to build multi-family housing on land zoned for single-family residential housing. The proposal first was a non-age-restricted complex, but this week Harrison changed up the plan, returning to the 55-and-over concept that reduced the number of units and increased the amount of parking.

The next step for Harrison will be to submit the site plan for the development to the Glen Rock Zoning Board.



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