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Tree vs. Nissan Rogue Friday Am


By: Boyd A Loving

On Friday morning, Glen Rock PD, FD, and EMS personnel rushed to aid the driver of a silver colored Nissan Rogue after it crashed into a large tree in front of 44 Radburn Road Glen Rock.

The vehicle flipped after hitting the tree, causing damage that pinned the driver inside. A resident of Radburn Rd stated, “The crash woke me out of a dead sleep.” Another neighbor was able to get the passenger door opened to talk to her.  The neighbor also checked for fluid leaks from the car.

The victim was freed by Glen Rock FD members and then transported by Glen Rock EMS  to The Valley Hospital.

Injuries to the victim appeared to have been non life threatening. A paramedic team from The Valley Hospital was also at the scene. A flatbed tow truck removed the wrecked Nissan.

Glen Rock PD is investigating the accident’s cause.

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