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GREC Inspire over 140 people to help clean up Glen Rock


The Glen Rock Environmental Commission has started a new movement to help the community clean up and green up.  More than 140 members of the Glen Rock community came together on Saturday morning to pick up litter at nine different sites in Glen Rock. Some of the sites that Glen Rockers came together to clean up included Diamond brook Park, the Children’s Park, lower Faber Field, PSEG gully, pool area and more.

Many 5th grade students from Byrd Elementary School, and elected officials including Bruce Packer, Mayor of Glen Rock and Councilmembers, Kristine Morieko and Amy Martin participated in this successful effort. Cleaning up litter and debris from the different sites was eye-opening, and  participants commented that they would be more vigilant about people littering in the future.

 “We were so pleased to see people of all ages participate! Many of us were surprised at where and what kind of litter we encountered. We hope to continue this as a yearly tradition with even more people next year!”

Dr. Arati Kreibich, Co-organizer,

Most of the participants were enthusiastic about doing this again.

I loved that my kids were able to be involved and doing so at our favorite park made it that much more “real” for them. The next morning to look out our window and see a clean area was priceless – we plan to keep up with the litter control on our end and hope everyone else was inspired to do the same!”
“A BIG thank you to Arati and the entire glen rock environmental commission green team members for organizing this event. Hope to see more like it and my family will definitely be attending!”
Kristine Morieko, Councilwoman

Glen Rock Environmental Commission Green Team invites members of the community to sign up at to pursue more initiatives like this.

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