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March 13th 2017 and March 19th 2017


During the period between March 13th 2017 and March 19th 2017 members of the GRPD handled 219 calls for service, the highlights of which included:  


The Glen Rock Police Department, in cooperation with the DPW, Fire Department, Ambulance Corp and OEM commenced snow storm response operations beginning at just after midnight.  Additional public safety personnel were on standby from all of Glen Rock’s emergency services.  Personnel responded to one motor vehicle accident on Route 208, assisted 4 individuals who became stuck in the snow and responded to several other non-storm related calls.  Thanks, in large part to residents’ cooperation in staying indoors and keeping vehicles off borough roadways, public safety issues were kept to a minimum and the DPW was able to respond to the storm effectively over an extended period.


1:31 PM –  A Radburn Road resident reported that six months ago her husband was on-line and clicked a link on Facebook.  The link opened a window which informed him that his computer had a virus and provided a phone number with an “805” area code with instructions to call the number.  The man paid a $200 fee via credit card and the operator took control of his computer following which he claimed to have removed the virus.

There were no further issues until 3-14-2017 when a call was received from the same phone number offering to refund the $200.  However, the caller stated he could only write a check for $2,000.  The caller offered to send a check in that amount and asked the complainant to send a check for $ 1,800 back to him.  Recognizing this as a potential fraudulent transaction, the complainant ended the conversation.  The detective bureau is reviewing this matter; however, it is believed that the call was initiated from outside of the United States.


4:02 PM –  A South Highwood Avenue resident reported seeing an unknown person in her yard.  The report was received from a third-party family member, who was not present.  The suspect was described only as a tall white male, perhaps in his 20’s, and had left the area in a beige SUV well before the report was made.  The only item taken was a shovel valued at $30.  There were no other witnesses.


9:48 AM –  A Rodney Street resident reported the theft of a bicycle valued at $499.  Per the complainant the bicycle had been taken from inside her garage at an unknown time between March 14th and the time of the report.  There were no signs of forced entry and there are no known witnesses.

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