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New State Law gets rid of bail for those Arrested

Judges now determine, based on risk-assessment factors, who is jailed and who is released


On March 3, Detective Mike Trover, of the Glen Rock Police Department, pulled over a car driving on Route 208 North because it appeared that the vehicle’s windshield was obstructed.

After inspecting the vehicle, Det. Trove discovered a “brick” of heroin — 50 glassine envelopes — inside. Det. Trove arrested the driver, a 36-year-old man from Port Jervis, N.Y.

Det. Trove took the driver to GRPD Headquarters, where he was charged with possession of heroin and issued a summons for driving with an obstructed windshield. He was then released on his own recognizance, pending an appearance at the Superior Court Central Judicial Processing in Hackensack on March 17.

How is someone who is arrested for possession of heroin released on his own recognizance?

As of Jan. 1, there is no more bail in Bergen County. The new, County Wide Criminal Justice Reform stipulates that someone who is arrested must either go to the Bergen County Jail, if the crime for which he or she is arrested is egregious enough, or, if not, the arrested person is given a court date for a first appearance at the Central Judicial Processing court in Hackensack.

Judges now have to make decisions on who goes to jail and who is released on their own recognizance based on a three-part risk assessment, in which the judge calculates the risk of flight, the risk of danger to the community, and the risk that the accused will try to interfere with justice by threatening witnesses or victims.

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