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Fourteen Glen Rock wrestlers earn medals at youth District Tournament


Glen Rock wrestlers, l-r, Shane Notkin, Nicholas Atme, Noah Kochman, John Iachetti and John Emes all won medals at Sunday’s Twin Counties Junior Wrestling League District Tournament. Photo courtesy Allisan Emes.

Eight Glen Rock wrestlers won gold medals Sunday in the Twin Counties Junior Wrestling League District Tournament, held at West Milford High School on Sunday, Feb. 19 and six others earned either silver or bronze medals. The eight winners and three runners up qualified for the wrestling league’s Regional Championships, which will take place this weekend at Hackensack High School.

The eight winners were:

Sam Mazin in the 8-and-under 40-pound division
John Emes in the 8-and-under 47-pound division
Nicholas Atme in the 10-and-under 53-pound division
Noah Kochman in the 10-and-under 67-pound division
Matthew Forshay in the 12-and-under 119-pound division
Aidan Schlett in the 12-and-under 145-pound division
Scott Schlett in the 14-and-under 170-pound division
Angelo Piazza in the 14-and-under 197-pound division

The three second-place finishers were:

Shane Notkin (8-and-under, 60 pounds)
Owen Litvany (12-and-under, 126 pounds)
Anthony Zapotosky (12-and-under, 133 pounds)

And the three third-place finishers were:

John Iachetti (10-and-under, 63 pounds)
Liam Manning (12-and-under, 120 pounds)
Justin Sanowski (14-and-under, 126 pounds)

Twenty-one wrestlers from Glen Rock took part in the District Tournament.

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