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The Byrd School 5th graders made over 165 Valentines for Seniors for Valentine’s Day, as part of their ongoing community service this year.

In December, the 5th graders voted to do hands-on projects to “Help Seniors” locally. Their first activity was to make 130 cards –one for every apartment at the Ridgecrest Senior Housing Center in Ridgewood, NJ, and they went above and beyond! The lucky group of 5 –Lily, Casey, Ava, Hima, and Neil –who delivered the cards said they really enjoyed the experience. They hand-delivered a few of the cards and also played BINGO as Bingo buddies with the residents and won prizes for others at the table, not themselves. . The multicultural and multi-generational group enjoyed the kids and the Valentines– and the feeling was clearly mutual! 

The rest of the Valentines were delivered by the Ridgecrest activities coordinator on Feb 14th, 2017. 

THANK YOU to all the 5th graders (and some siblings too!) for making this “Valentines for Seniors” project a huge success!
Thank you to all the parents for encouraging your kids and for supporting us through donations of craft materials and your time.
-5th Grade Community Service Committee
Arati Kreibich, chair
Cristina Smith, Jhansi Badarvada, Susan Habler, Sara Mazin, Susan McNair, Janet Rodriguez
Special thanks to the lunchtime activity parents–Brigid, Kristin, Coleen, Sam and Sara for helping with the card making on a couple of the Fridays!
-5th Grade Community Service Committee

Stay tuned — the Byrd School 5th graders will be doing more activities like these in the coming months!

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