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Glen Rock Resident, Epitome of Glen Rock #kindness


During this morning’s winter weather mix of rain, snow and ice, a former Glen Rock resident, Don McEwan, was driving past Goffle Brook Park, in Hawthorne, when he saw a car in the middle of the pond. He quickly pulled over and jumped into the pond to save the driver of the car. Several other people also helped, including a man who put a rope around him for safety purposes.

After jumping in to the water, McEwan asked the woman inside the car if there was anyone else in the car. She answered no.

McEwan then continued to attempt to break the window of the car to get her out. He was then joined by members of the Hawthorne Police Department, who were successful in breaking the window and getting the driver out. According to McEwan, the police and rescue volunteers arrived on the scene extremely quickly.

As Don told Channel 2:

He does not want to be considered a Hero, but as a man that found himself in extraordinary circumstances.

I would like to believe that most people would try to do the same thing.

McEwan was a longtime Glen Rock resident. He seems to be one that believes that #kindness is truly where its at.

As Glen Rock residents started to hear about his “#kindness”, they had something to say.

Here is the epitome of Glen Rock kindness and people.

Mike Nothofer


 Tears in my eyes. You are a hero Don McEwan. God Bless you. Love from all of the Hallajians.

Michelle Lent-Hallajian

The woman was treated in a local hospital and is expected to be home this evening.


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