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Saturday, Feb. 11 declared “Detective Michael Trover Day” in Glen Rock


Saturday, Feb. 11 has been declared Detective Michael Trover Day in Glen Rock by the Mayor and Council in recognition of Detective Trover’s arresting three people on New Year’s Day and seizing 124 bags of heroin.
Mayor Bruce Packer announced the honor at the Borough Council meeting on Wednesday night, reading a proclamation praising Det. Trover for his effort in taking so much heroin off the street.

“Whereas, the Glen Rock Police Department has protected and served its citizens since 1918, and whereas the detectives of the Glen Rock Police Department often find themselves on the front lines in the fight against the current epidemic that is plaguing our county and state, and whereas Glen Rock Police Department detective Michael Trover recovered 124 bags of heroin while arresting three individual from out of town, thanks to his instincts telling him to check a parked car in the lot of a closed commercial building, now therefore, the Borough Council and I, Mayor Bruce Packer, commend and praise Det. Trover for his part in taking these bags of heroin off the street, and for his part in the continuing war on drugs in our area, and now designate Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017, as Detective Michael Trover Day in Glen Rock, New Jersey,’’ the proclamation said.

Trover downplayed the significance of the arrest, saying it was “pretty much a routine thing that we have to do,’’ and calling it “a small arrest.’’

“A lot of guys here are doing the same thing, and we just do the best we can,’’ Trover said.

But Glen Rock Police Chief Dean Ackermann said what Trover did was a big deal.
“In 31 years on the job, we’ve gotten to the point where taking 124 bags of heroin off someone is a routine, minor arrest for us, and if you had told me that 10 or 15 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you,’’ Ackermann said. “And we’re to the point where our officers, collectively, in any given year are taking thousands of decks of heroin off the street.

“And I know a lot of people look and say, ‘Oh, this person was from out of town,’’’ Ackermann continued. “Well, that’s who we happen to get. But don’t think, for a minute, that our residents aren’t being arrested elsewhere, too. The heroin problem is as much here in Glen Rock as it is everywhere else in Bergen County and throughout this country.’’

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