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Winter Weather Preparedness.


Tis the season for remembering how to drive in the snow and ice.  how to be prepared for the “big storm” coming. We want to share with you some reminders of winter weather driving and prepping for that storm.


  1. Slow down and remember that stopping is harder in the winter weather.
  2. Don’t put on the gas or pump the breaks during a turn.
  3. if you are caught in a potential spin, turn your wheel away from the spin.
  4. Pump your breaks, do not slam them down.
  5. Watch out for the other drivers on the road. They have forgotten how to drive in the white stuff.
  6. Make sure you always have at least a 1/4 tank of fuel. If traveling, do not let it go below 1/2.
  7. Car necessities: cell phone charger, water, blanket, snow brush, shovel (even a small one works), food, a heavy coat and gloves.
  8. Make sure your windshield is clear of ice and snow around the edges. If it builds up as you drive, pull over and clear it.
  9. Check travel conditions before you leave.
  10. Use common sense


Household preparing.

  1. Bread, milk, alcohol.. LOL don’t forget the veggies, fruit, pasta, baby formula, diapers and everything in between.
  2. make sure all flashlights have good batteries and work.
  3. If you have a fireplace, bring in extra pieces of wood, or make a pile outside a door that is easily accessible.
  4. Bring out your extra candles.
  5. Make sure you have one radio that can work on batteries incase the cable or the power go out.
  6. DO NOT bring your generator in the house. Leave it outside.
  7. If it is snowing an inch + an hour, please open outside doors every few hours and clear the area of them. otherwise your door can be blocked by the snow.
  8. Fill your gas tank of your snowblower and the gas container too.
  9. Check on your neighbors and the elderly.
  10. Have fun in the snow.


We realize some of these sound like common sense ideas, but even in a city like Buffalo, people forget these tips during the first storm of the season.


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