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Santa Comes to Town


On Sat Dec 17th the GRFD got a surprise visiter to the firehouse. It was Santa.  He came to ask if anyone knew of a hotel.  He was stuck in  Bergen County after doing some pre-Christmas planning and a last check of the naughty and nice list. The weather on his route home was heavy snow with high winds and a wind-chill of-40 & below.  These conditions would make traveling almost impossible!

After the GRFD saw it was Santa,  they said to him:

You’re staying with us!


 They fed him, of course Carmine did some of his famous grilling,  gave him a hot drink and a cot to sleep on. The next night the GRFD gave Santa a tour of GR.  The tour kicked off at 5pm.  Santa had a special seat on top of the fire truck so he could see how wonderful GR is with the Central Business District and borough streets all decorated for the holidays. During the ride around the borough, Santa got to meet all the nice people of Glen Rock. He even threw out candy to the kids and family’s who ran out to see him.

BTN was lucky to be able to chase Santa on the firetruck through out the streets of Glen Rock. There are video clips of this fun event on the Banana Tree News Group. And the word on the street is that he loved GR so much,  he will be back next season.


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