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GR, Please Give thanks to Rich DeSanta


Letter to the Editor

Everyone is in agreement on social media that the new Gazette (and The Record) are suddenly lacking in the news we are accustomed to. This lack is in part driven by the loss of writer Rich DeSanta. Many of you have commented great things about the unbiased and factual reporting Rich provided the Borough. Now it’s time to thank him. Don’t just do it on Facebook (for which he does not have an active account): send an email which will be printed and bound to present to him as a gift. It takes minutes to say thank you and can mean a life time of reflection for him to look back on with pride. Thank you in advance for your contributions. What better gift for a writer than to receive written thanks?

If you would like to be included in this effort, please email your notes of thanks and/or well wishes to [email protected] 

Please use the subject line: Thank You Rich

***deadline is November 29th***

Kristine Morieko, Councilman

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