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The past 2 years have been a roller coaster journey. From starting BTN to moving to being a major thread in GR history and present and future. Tomorrow 11/17 marks one year.. yes ONE YEAR of home ownership in my home town, my heart .. Glen Rock. This is a dream come true. I have been so busy here building BTN and showing G where I grew up and teaching her the gr ways. The question comes up do I miss Hamburg… I do. The people, our friends and my house. But do I regret any of this ? Oh hell no. I love having in middle of the road conversations when trains stop both directions of traffic, talking about people I know and gr history. I am greeted with warmth and familiarity from almost all. People I grew up with as mentors or as peers. I love that G can go up to Kilroy’s and say hi to Jan or go into the The Grow-Cery LTD and talk to Dee and there are no worries. She loves to go bother Beth at Rock Ridge. There is a familiarity and comfort. I love the fact that her 3rd grade class room was my first grade classroom with Mrs. Brown.

Also , there are 3 class of ’88 grads on our block plus 2 other families I grew up with on this block. It is a really neat feeling that I live next door to and down the block from people who I grew up with and have the upmost respect for. People say that Glen Rock is a bubble. We defend and bend over backwards for our neighbors and friends. TRUE! I want to thank everyone that made this possible and truly welcome me home. There are too many to tag here but the top 3 are: Joan Lunn Hirning and Wendy Wayne Silber for opening their homes to us and helping us find our forever home. And of course Linda Maxwell Allen for all of her belief in me and her support. Thank you!

Special thanks goes out to Jan Kilroy and the Banana Tree for the inspiration on starting BTN.

And of course to my wonderful Grace who has been riding this roller coaster ride with me.

Please stop by our one year anniversary open house: 35 Henry 7p-  to say hi and celebrate with us.


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