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Borough Council Candidate Kristen Bond


BTN has asked the Council candidates some questions to get to know them a bit more.  There are 2 Council seats available and 4 people running.

Here is the interview and questions for Kristen Bond.

1. Why are you running for the Council?
There is a serious need for someone to focus on improving our downtown – making it more vibrant and making it prosperous. We also should think about providing small business owners WITHOUT a store front opportunities to grow. That is what is going to set us apart and keep us the premier place to live, shop and eat. I wasn’t going to wait around for someone else to do this. I focus on this because I haven’t felt like there has been much effort over the years.
2. Why do you think you are a good fit for the Council?
I am a good fit because I bring people together, I know how to put together events, I care about improving certain aspects of this town. I work for the common good and effectively lead from behind. I am very patient and great at keeping calm when people are upset (that is a huge part of being on council!). It is my job as a realtor to listen to why people want to come or want to avoid living in Glen Rock. That is valuable feedback about our town and we should take it and grow from it.
3. What do you think are some of the top issues you would like to see accomplished in your next term? and why are they important?
It’s no secret – I want to see down town become vibrant again. I want to see people out and about after 6PM and want to stay and eat at some of our great restaurants. I would like to help some of the storefronts improve the look and feel by applying for grants and channeling some money from New Jersey. Next, I want to lay the foundation for 175 Rock Road by starting conversations with the owners to see what they envision for a redevelopment opportunity. I also want to see action taken to help the well-being of our senior community.
4. What is your feeling about brining back the Chamber of  Commerce? 
I think a modern Chamber of Commerce is very much needed. The Chamber could sponsor a Food Truck Event, Speed Networking Night, Battle of the Bands, Art Walks during the summer, and so many more events. We need to keep the conversation going about how we can adapt it to fit our needs. Would people join? Who will lead? How will it be managed? Most importantly – what can we learn from the previous Chamber’s administrative staff? Those are questions we need to address before developing the next chapter.
5. Also, your thoughts on increasing the winterfest and adding religious decorations around town on borough property?
This conversation has been going on for years – it was first addressed this year in July or so. If you are going to celebrate one religion, you should celebrate all of them. If you are going to go with holiday, just keep it to snow flakes.
 Any other information you would like to share about yourself?
Like with every one, I am great at some things and not so great at others. I like to think I am great at the things that are going to make me an effective, memorable council person. I can organize events, write and present to get grants, approach restaurant owners about expanding to Glen Rock, and put a tremendous amount of effort toward issues that matter the most to me. I don’t like to waste time – enough time has been wasted talking about what we’d like to see (senior housing or additional activities, Faber Field, stabilizing taxes, etc) . It’s time to do it. At the same time, let’s not undo what has already been done and keep the momentum. I am a taxpayer, a mom, a small business owner and I have a great track record of success. I may not be great at every thing, but I learn quickly and am running for council because I believe I can make it happen.
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