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Sgt. Reamys’ Fate.


September 30, 2016
by: Julie Maxwell Allen and Simon Toffell

In 2015, Sgt. Eric Reamy was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and Theft by failure to make required disposition.  On March 8th, 2016 he pleaded guilty to these charges. For more information about the history of this go to our articles: Sgt Reamy Charged  Reamy Pleads Guilty.

On September 29th former Sgt. Reamy faced Judge Steele in the Bergen County Court House for his sentencing.

The  reason claimed for his behavior last year, was a side affect of being on high doses of Adderall and having a chemo brain from a chemo treatment eight years ago.  The side effect of Adderall can be found here.

Photo by Simon Toffell

His wife, tearful,  pleaded with the court to have leniency on her husband because his actions were completely out of character for him.

After that Mr. Potter, former Sgt. Reamys’ Attorney, pleaded that he is a police officer of 27 years standing in front of the court as a convicted felon.



He stated that Mr. Reamy is heartbroken for what he did to his family and the victims. He feels guilty and ashamed of what happened. He also feels remorse for what he does.He also stated that he is getting psychological help and is not trying to duck responsibility. The real Eric Reamy is the one prior to being on Adderall and the one that stands before the court today. He is currently off the Adderall.
Mr Potter continued to read a statement from the probation officer, that supported how is a upstanding person prior to this as well as now after he is off the Adderall. He then pleaded for time served for the 441 days he had the monitoring bracelet on.
Eric Reamy: He tearfully apologized to the victims and the families.
I could never imagine myself in this situation. I also apologize to the court for wasting their time as well as my family for what I have done. I also apologize to the people of Glen Rock. I let them down and they trusted me and I let them down. I don’t want anything to be about me, and wants to pay a price for my actions.. I feel so fortunate that i still have my wife and children despite everything. And I will find a way to make it up to everyone.

The Prosecutor then explained that the two young victims were under his care, and that he dealt with under the juvenile

Prosecutor: Photo by Simon Toffell

justice system, which is focused on rehabilitation. Within an hour he started to text one of the victims of his glass of wine and other things.

Unacceptable. I see it as phishing to see if there is a bite. She was scared not to respond. This revolved to sexual requests and texts.
Police Offers are struggling to gain the trust of the community. and then there is Eric Reamy. This sentencing has to send a message that a breach of the public trust is not an example of police officers. The Prosecutor requested that they sentence him to 5 years.
Victim HG. After being arrested for underage purchase of Alcohol by Officer Eric Reamy. I started to receive strange and raunchy text messages from Juvenile Officer Reamy. These text messages were very disturbing. I was always taught that police officers were supposed protect and serve and abide by the law. My image of police officers have been tarnished. I now fear being harassed by police officers.
The other victims mother then spoke up:
There are no real words that can express my feelings. When you mess with one twin, you mess with the other. Mess with my daughters you mess with me. I am disappointed on the way that this was handled by your former department heads and a trusted figure like you.

He was sentenced to 3 years in State Prison and the following:

·         Megan’s Law applied.
·         Parole Supervision for life.
·         No contact with victims.
·         Nicole’s Law Restraining Orders.
·         Fines and Penalties.
·         $2500 Restitution to victim.
·         Prohibited for working in law enforcement.
 He will be able to live with his son after being released.
Photo by Simon Toffell
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