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EMS Graduates join GRVAC


The Glen Rock Ambulance corps now has 3 new members. rising GRHS senior Michelle Hillock and residents  Vincent Amatulli and Chris Leishear.  These 3 residents spent from January – June training to

Image by Eileen Hillock
Image by Eileen Hillock

become EMTS at the Bergen County EMS Training Center. Their training consisted of 210 Classrooms hours and 10 ER observation hours. These newly appointed EMTS went through several trainings including Environmental Disaster, CPR, Anatomy, and Triage. Part of their ER observation time they became certified in administering 6 meds: Narcan, Oral Glucose, Albuterol, non coated Advil, Epi pen and Nitroglycerin.

BTN has asked Michelle Hillock why she took the EMT Training, ” I wanted to give back to the community and felt it was a great basis to pursue my medical career.”
These members take their state exam this summer. We wish them good luck on it. 
Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in jointing, please apply on the GRVAC website.  In addition, they also help keep your skills fresh with monthly drills such as the one held in conjunction with the Glen Rock pool. You can read about it here.
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