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GRVAC and GR Pool Team up


The Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corp (GRVAC) teamed up with The Glen Rock Pool staff to review and practice important water rescue skills. This drill is done annually at the pool to ensure that all responders are fluent in deep water and shallow water rescue of a victim with a potential back / neck injury or in need of resuscitation. 

The drill at the pool consisted of many parts. 

IMG_2293 Lifeguard stabilizing the victim in the water to ensure that their neck and back are supported.

IMG_2295Members assisting the lifeguards in pulling out the victim on a backboard and maintaining neck stabilization

Assessing the victim to ensure that the airway is open, they are breathing and they have circulation or a pulse.

The GRVAC members and the pool staff also practiced the scenario if the victim was not breathing or did not have a pulse.

This step included practicing using the AED and CPR while the victim was still on the backboard. 



This drill was very successful with new members learning important skill, older members practicing and refreshing their skills.  This drill not only prepared the GRVAC members for a situation at the GR Pool, but also prepared them for a situation that could occur at a home pool also. 

GRVAC is a volunteer organization that has been dedicating their services to the Borough of Glen Rock since 1951. To help their members learn how to deal with different life threatening scenarios, they have drills ones a month. The drills address the upcoming hazards and potential situations of that time of year, or they help refresh the members rarely used skills.  BTN wanted to share this event with the residents so that you could see how our volunteers dedicate their time to training in order to help keep Glen Rock safe. 

To Join GRVAC, please visit their website

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