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Glen Rock School District Joins Social Media


The Glen Rock School district announced, during their BOE meeting on Monday night, that they have joined the social media world following the beta testing done by High School Principal John Arlotta. Mr Arlotta used Twitter to to announce high school events, athletic contests, public and student meetings, performances, field trips and a variety of accolades for staff and students.

Superententent Valenti also has been using Twitter for school announcements for several months.


Students and families of the five other schools in the district will now be able to follow Twitter tweets for announcements and information about their school through the schools new Twitter accounts.

Twitter account addresses for the district are:

Superentendent Valenti: @grpssupt (this is a new handle from the previous one)

Byrd:  @GRPSByrd

Central: @GRPSCentral

Coleman: @GRPSColeman

Hamilton: @GRPSHamilton

GR Middle School: @GRMiddleSchool

GR High School: @GRPSHighSchool

GR Community School: @GRCommSch

Honeywell Instant Alert is still the initial method of communication , then Twitter will be second.

The BOE is also working on a district Facebook page scheduled to be launched prior to the end of the school year.

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