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GR Remembers Mayor Richard Hahn


On April 4, 2016 former Glen Rock Mayor Richard “Dick”  Hahn, 89,  passed away peacefully while being surrounded by his family.

Richard moved in to Glen Rock in 1958.  While involved with the community through the GR CIVIC Association, he raised 8 amazing children  Christa, John, Laura, Barbara. Elizabeth, Patti, Gerry and  Kate.

Since moving to Glen Rock, Dick got involved with the town starting with the GR CIVIC Association. Because he Loved Glen Rock and wanted to serve the people of town whether or not you were Republican or democrat, he ran and was elected mayor in  2000. He only served until 2004. During that time Richard made an impact in borough government and the residents lives.  One of the things that he did was streamlined meetings by adding the consent agenda, which helped  save a lot of time during council meetings. He also loved being mayor and it was fun despite having an obstinate council that blocked everything he proposed.

During his Mayor years, Dick loved talking to the people. Because of this and wanting to be available to the residents, he started the weekly Meet the Mayor at Starbucks, which was then carried on by Former mayor John Van Keuren.

Dick was also an active member of Glen Rock Activities club and spent hours on genealogy research.

Many people remember and have fond memories of him walking the pool deck to talk to the residents and making a difference in Glen Rock. BTN reached out to Mayor Packer and several others about their memories of Former Mayor Hahn.

Former Mayor Richard Hahn will be missed by many including his family, friends, and the many that are aware of how he has served this town, not only as Mayor, but as a volunteer and someone who devoted much of his life to the betterment of Glen Rock. He was a big help to me as I prepared for my new role and I was glad to have had the opportunity to spend some time with him a couple of weeks ago, at a time that he was in great spirits and still sharing new ideas to help guide our future.,

Mayor Bruce Packer


I’d say that Dick Hahn was the first major to try to apply a professional management techniques to municipal government. He challenged the status quo, and stepped up when the borough needed leadership. He was a caring and intelligent man who did a lot for Glen Rock. He was well-loved and a source of great joy for those of us fortunate enough to have been close to him. He was a good friend.

Mark McCullough


I last saw Mayor Hahn just before Easter sitting outside having coffee with his daughter Patti at Starbucks while  enjoying the sights and sounds of Glen Rock – of course!

The Hahn Family members are a Glen Rock institution.  Several of the late Mayor Hahn’s children have made their home in Glen Rock.  All uniquely different – they have one thing in common – their love of Glen Rock.  They each definitely inherited their father’s sense of activism, pride, and civic duty.  They are very active in community members and continue to make wonderful contributions and enhancements to our great town.

May the late Mayor Hahn rest in peace knowing he will be missed by many and that his legacy will live on  through his children and grandchildren.

Eileen Hillock


I have been a resident in Glen Rock for 64 years. I remember Mayor Hahn and all of the good he did for our wonderful town. May he rest in peace and know how appreicated he was.

Patricia Kafafian Zengel


The family of Former Mayor Richard Hahn will be celebrating his life on Sunday April 10, from 4 PM to 8 PM at the Feeney Funeral Home on Franklin Ave Ridgewood, NJ. All are welcome.


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