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Renaming Source Way.


By Simon Toffell

On Wed March 16, 2016 the Glen Rock  Council read the 1st reading of ordinance 11737 to rename Source Way to Jean Baker Wunder Way or Wunder Way after Jean Baker Wunder who passed away October 16, 2015.

Jean was a big part of Glen Rock for many years. In 1981 she was the founder and director of Glen Rock’s Toughlove program. She then took Toughlove and reformed it to what we know today as the The SOURCE-Family Support Group, in 1983. She operated The Source until 2005. The imagejpeg_1Source was a counseling  center located at the Bergen line train station (Boro-Hall).

While volunteering there from 1995 all the way until its closing,  I remember people used to come into the Source thinking this is where you buy train tickets. Jean did so much for the town along with her day job.  She was also a member of what was the GR Drug Alliance  and helped put together, what many to this day enjoy, is the Wednesday Night Something at the pool.  She also received the Good Egg Award that recognizing a volunteer, who sticks there neck out to make a difference. With all that Jean did for GR it is only fitting a street is named after her.

As someone who was bullied a lot in school, she gave me an outlet to get away from that even If it was for 2-3hrs a day. During this time I also worked with her on all kinds of town projects. She was a big part of my life.

I look back at the day I 1st met her and realize that I am a much better person because of her. As the years went on, she told me openly that she was worried about what would happen to me and others like me when The Source closed. I would like to think she is resting in peace knowing that I and others are better people because of her. Still to this day I am doing volunteer work for the town.

I think I speak for all of GR when I say Thank you Jean Baker Wunder.

The final reading of this ordinance will be at the Public Council Meeting on 3/30/2016.

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