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Schools on Shelter in Place Lockdown


Around 10 am Glen Rock PD was notified of a suspicious package found at the corner or Kenmore and Lincoln.

In this package it appeared to be a grenade.  At this point, all of the Glen Rock Schools were put on a Shelter in Place lockdown mode. during this lockdown, per Mrs O’Hearn, the students are still in classes being taught. IT its when the faculty, staff and students do not leave the building.

Per Lt. Dour, the Hawthorne PD assisted GRPD in closing the street and evacuating all the residents in the area. At the same time the GRFD and GRVAC were put on standby.

The Bergen County bomb squad came and evaluated the situation and determined that this was a toy grenade. At approximately 11 am the Shelter in Place was lifted in the district and Lincoln Ave was reopened.


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